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Service Introduction

Besides our existing molded products, Jowin lighting also can produce
lighting products according to the drawings or samples from our customers.

  • National Service Hotline
    Provide service acceptance, including
    related questions, complaints,
    maintenance and technical support
  • National Service Hotline
    You can leave your message to us through
    our website online message board

  • Official Email
    You can send us relevant inquiries,
    suggestions and technical support

Warranty Policy

Non-warranty scope

1. Beyond the product warranty period of the product
2. Non-company original supporting products, such as the company's light source supporting the use of electronic parts of other companies, etc.
3. Damage caused by improper use, maintenance, storage (not according to the product manual requirements for installation, use, etc., any improper use of the way, such as: the wrong line, the use of high voltage 250V or more, non-rated load and the use of special abnormal environment such as high temperature, water immersion, corrosion, etc.)
4. irresistible factors, such as floods, fire, earthquake, lightning strikes
5. Private disassembly, alteration of the product, or alteration of the certificate of conformity
6. No production date of the product (except for the company's original products without production date)
5. After-sales method: In the Junwei company officially authorized stores or regular channels to purchase products, with the purchase invoice, receipt, sales logo, purchase contract, purchase order number, etc. during the warranty