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Quality Control

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    IQC (incoming material inspection):

    Product inspection according to the sampling table, using GB2828-1:2003, general level II normal one-time sampling program, see the "AQL Sampling ProgramAll products requiring full inspection: glass parts, glass plating parts, crystal products, large hardware parts, plating parts, etc.; the following materials are generally inspected by sampling: finished products, hexagonal masters, screws, scrapers, electrical parts, package materials, plastic bags, etc. incoming materials are inspected by sampling.

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    QA (Shipping Inspection):

    A. Appearance inspection: whether the packaging is consistent with customer requirements, whether the product meets the requirements
    B.Structure of the lamp body: no less than the installation of spare parts and other phenomena, whether the lamp body is deformed, incorrect, etc. and the phenomenon of loosening, all the structure is reasonable, no factors affecting the installation of guests
    C. Size: the power cord and chandelier cord meet the requirements of customers and safety regulations; whether the overall size of the lamp body is consistent with the order and engineering data; whether the outer box material volume is consistent with the order requirements

D. Performance/safety testing
Performance Safety Pressure Resistance Test No leakage breakdown by voltage insulation test, such as: (European standard Ⅰ class 1800V, Ⅱ class 3750V Ⅲ class 500V/leakage current 0.5mA test time 3S no breakdown flash chromium phenomenon)
Ground Resistance Test Grounding resistance through the current 10A, resistance 0.5Ω or less.
Polarity Test Need to test the polarity lamps and lanterns must be tested for polarity, E12/E14/E26/E27/E39/E40 lamps and lanterns head center shrapnel connected to the positive L, edge shrapnel connected to the negative N.
Light-up Test All lamps must be tested for light
Drop Test Drop-proof packaging products must be drop tested. One corner, three prongs and six sides